Art Futures Fellowship

Art Futures has received generous donations, from which the Board decided to initiate a Fellowship programme, to be located in Athens, Greece. In 2024 through an additional grant a second residency in Zutphen, the Netherlands was added to the programme.

The call for the Art Futures Fellowship 2025 is currently live until 15th August 2024. Please click here for the complete call for applications for the Art Futures Residency 2025 and the application form. More information regarding the venue and Athens can be found below.

Art Futures Research Fellow Georgios Papadopoulos ensures the residency is well embedded in the local context, providing ongoing research into the discourse around artist residencies involving inclusive, socially engaged practice, and contributing to the sustainability of the project, in Zutphen Artistic Director of Dat Bolwerck Marlise van der Jagt provides the local context.

Art Futures Fellows 2023

Art Futures received over 170 applications globally, the collaborating artists Tami Izko and Federico Clavarino were selected as Art Futures Fellows 2023.

The Art Futures Research Fellow, Georgios Papadopoulos wrote a report of the work process of the Fellows. An exhibition was organised in June 2023 in the gallery of SIC. 

A follow up event with the Critical Friends was organised in Athens 6th and 7th October 2023 where the Art Futures Fellows presented their work and discussed their experience with the Critical Friends please click for the report.

Art Futures Fellowship 2024

Artists from all arts disciplines were invited to apply for the 2024 fellowship, which includes a two-month residency in Athens and a two-month residency in Zutphen, both in fully equipped studio-apartments. 

Following the Call for the fellowship 2024 Art Futures received over 350 applications globally. After a rigorous selection procedure involving the Critical Friends, the artist Meng-Chan Yu was selected please click for project proposal.


Athens: [sic] Space for International Cooperation, is an independent, non-for profit, project-space in the heart of Athens. It is privately run by a group of international friends that each bring in their professional background and networks to host, support and facilitate co-operations among local and international partners. Artistic residencies, exhibitions, symposia, workshops or longer-term projects explore new ideas and new forms of knowledge and policies across the usual divide of cultures, disciplines and sectors.

As one of the oldest and most famous cities in the world, Athens capitol of Greece blends its rich history with a vibrant contemporary art scene. Today, Athens boasts a diverse array of galleries, museums, and cultural spaces that showcase both traditional and avant-garde works. Iconic landmarks such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon provide a backdrop for modern art interactions, creating a unique juxtaposition of ancient and contemporary aesthetics. [SIC] Space for International Cooperation is located in the Thiseio neighbourhood, just around the corner of the Pnyx, one of the earliest and most important sites in the creation of democracy. Through grassroots initiatives, entrepreneurial spirit, and cultural revitalisation, Athens has harnessed its resilience and creativity to redefine itself as a beacon of artistic expression and innovation in the 21st century.

Zutphen (only 2024): Dat Bolwerck is a multi-disciplinary art space, focussing on contemporary art, contemporary music and philosophy, offering a carefully curated programme of high-quality exhibitions by (inter)national contemporary artists, concerts, lectures and workshops. Dat Bolwerck is located in a sixteenth century monument in the historical centre of Zutphen, a city 115 km East of Amsterdam. 

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Art Futures is grateful for the generous the support of its donors.

We warmly welcome donations for the Art Futures Fellowship in Athens, so we can further develop the project. Art Futures, Serendipity in Action is a non-profit organisation with an ANBI status, RSIN 820943277. Please transfer to: Stichting Art Futures RABO bank: IBAN NL30 RABO 0152 0240 26, BIC: RABONL2U