Disorderly Women Alliance

During an international event in 2016 Carla Delfos, founder of the European League of Institutes of the Arts and currently leading Art Futures in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Mercedes Giovinazzo, Director of Interarts in Barcelona, Spain and Chrissie Tiller, Creative Consultant in London, United Kingdom, decided it was time for women leaders in the cultural sector in Europe to come together, take stock and plan for the future.
They took the initiative to set up the ‘Disorderly Women, the Alliance of Women Leaders in Culture’.
The aim of the Disorderly Women Alliance is to promote and support women working in leadership roles in the cultural sector in Europe.

The Disorderly Women Alliance encourages solidarity among women in leadership roles in the cultural sector in Europe and through this raises their visibility.
They empower both established and emerging generations by reflecting on urgent and timely perspectives, sharing experiences, exchanging competences and fostering new collaborations and connections.
The structure of the Disorderly Women Alliance is light, open and flexible and the initiative is owned by its members.

To date four events have been organised, click on the links for the reports:
HERStory Basel in July 2018 and HERStory Barcelona in February 2019.
For a brief impression HERstory Barcelona please click here for the film
HERStory Amsterdam took place 9th and 10th December 2019. In October 2023 a gathering took place in Athens, please find enclosed the report and Manifesto.

Politician and activist Hedy d’Acona was interviewed, please click here for the teaser, for the full interview you can find the link in the report of HERStory Amsterdam. The 4th HERStory event will take place in Berlin but has had to be postponed due to the COVID pandemic.
Since the COVID pandemic several online events have taken place.